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implication is they are not raising your taxes. However,
Relationship of Tax Rate,
this does raise your taxes. This can happen because new
Tax Levy, & Assessment 
property is excluded from the Tax Cap Law. So instead of
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allowing their Tax Rate to drop and be offset by new

property assessed value the tendency is to Levy high

enough so the Tax Cap Law limiting factor determines

their rate and then they get all the new money from the

new property without it reducing their Tax Rate. If you

look at your tax bill and compare the individual tax rates

for each taxing body from the previous year to this year

you can see the ones not allowing their tax rate to drop.

Example: Using the numbers from above if next year the

Total Assessed Value goes from 90,000,000 to 98,000,000

and the Tax Rate dropped 2 tenths to 6.8% the Levy per

the formula = 6,664,000 or 364,000 greater than the year

before. So the question is how much money do you really

need to operate? The two possible answers are a specific

amount or all we can get.

The following demonstrates the effect of a 2 tenths

reduction in the Overall Tax Rate.

1. 65,000 assessed value tax rate 7% = $4550 tax bill.

2. 65,000 assessed value unchanged tax rate 6.8% = $4420

tax bill

3. 65,950 assessed value due to a Market Value increase of

3% with a 6.8% Tax Rate =$4553 tax bill.

The new growth should continue to drop the Overall Tax
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Rate but only if the Taxing Body’s board members you
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elect understand the consequences of their actions.
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