Appeal Process
3. Once the appeal is filed with the Will County Board of
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Review they will notify you in writing of a hearing date.
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4. Once the assessor has reviewed the appeal in

preparation for the hearing he or she may contact the

owner with an assessment stipulation. This is a signed

agreement between the assessor and the property owner

on a mutually agreeable assessment. This stipulation

form is given to the Board of Review and the assessment

is revised per the stipulation. There is no need to attend a


5. During the hearing you will be given a time interval to

highlight verbally any written evidence you submitted

with the appeal form. The township assessor will be

given the same time to present evidence on behalf of the


6. The Board of Review member hearing the appeal will

not make a decision at the hearing. You will receive a

written notice of there decision some weeks later.

7. If you are not satisfied with Will County Board of

Review's decision you can appeal to the State of Illinois

Property Tax Appeal Board (forms are available at the

Supervisor of Assessment Office).

8. The Property Tax Appeal Board will schedule a hearing

for you at the Will County Office Building and you will be

notified in writing. This is considered to be a new hearing

and you can submit new evidence if you desire. The

county can also submit new evidence usually prepared by

the township assessor.

9. This hearing process is similar to the first except a Will

County Supervisor of Assessment is presenting the case

because the Will County Board of Review upheld the

township assessor assessment or the Board of Review did

not grant enough assessment relief to satisfy the

property owner. The assessor may be asked by the

county to participate in the hearing as a expert witness.

Once again no decision will be made at this hearing. The

Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) will notify the owner

and the county of their decision.

10. If you lose your appeal both at the BOR and PTAB

you can pursue it in court but you are probably wasting

your time and money.

11. A decision by the Will County Board of Review only

applies to the current assessment year. If the case was

won on equity the assessor can and should reassess the

area for equitable assessments according to "Market

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12. A decision by the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board

will apply until the next quadrennial year. So depending
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